TestCenter will support you through the test process

The purpose of TestCenter is to make life easier for test managers and testing teams. TestCenter is a cloud application for easy administration of core test artefacts, such as requirements, testcases, testruns and test results. TestCenter makes it easy to document and manage all information relevant to the testing process. It makes it easy to create and maintain relations between all test artefacts, thus alleviating the user from an administration that can be complex and time-consuming. TestCenter makes it possible to focus more on planning, analysing and testing rather than administrating information. While flexible, the user interface provides valuable structure to the test management process. This improves the quality of your test management works, ensuring the quality of the product and, at the same time saving costs. 

TestCenter simplifies a complex information matrix

TestCenter lets you manage complex relation between different types of information involved in the testing process.

Key functions and features

Requirement management

TestCase management

TestRun management

Release management

Release handling

Test resource management


Requirements are definitions out the expected outcome. With TestCenter you get a structured method of creating and manage them. Either write them directly in the user interface or import them from Excel. Requirement management supports typical data like title, description, type, status, who is responsible etc. Requirements can efficiently be related to TestCases and to product Releases

A TestCase is a description/instruction how the test is to be performed. TestCases can be created manually or by import from Excel. TestCases relates to TestRuns and to Resources.

A TestRun represents a list of testcases that is planned to be executed in a specific test session. It is always related to a specific product release. The overall test cycle usually includes many TestRuns , thus keeping track of what has been tested (and the test result) for each product release is important to keep track of. TestRuns relates to TestCases and to Releases.

A TestResource refers to any type equipment, instrument, software or other prerequisite that you need in order to execute the TestCase. By identifying these and relate them to a TestCase you have a valuable support for preparing.   You can  manage groups of recourses in TestBeds.

A product Release represents the object to be tested. It can be a part of the final product or a specific version of it. Typically a development project produces a number of Releases during the course of the implementation. Releases can be related to Requirements and to TestRuns. That way we always know what parts have been implemented and coverage of the TestRun..

TestCenter is very open and flexible in many ways. One is that it is very easy to import and export data to other systems. All types of test artefacts can be imported/exported; Requirements, TestCases, TestRuns, Releases and Resources. Examples of supported export formats are cvs, xls, xlsx, and xml.

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