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TestCenter is an online application that brings both quality and cost savings to your test management project.

TestCenter supports you in documenting, analysing and administrating all core test artefacts like requirements, testcases, testruns  and how these are crosswise related to each other as well as to product releases and test resources. It also supports you in test execution and in testresult analysis and reporting. In short, TestCenter brings structure and productivity to your testing.

TestCenter is primarily designed for Validation Testing but can be used for any type of testing where you want a structured method for using testcases. It supports hardware and software development project and is independent of project methodology. Actually, TestCenter can be used in any process for structured validation of results.


Proper test management is critical for the quality of project  results. Before you deliver you want to make sure all requirements are validated in a way that gives confidence for both you and your customer. Carefully planned and performed testing is the basis for achieving good quality in project results.

Test Management can be complex when it comes to managing relationships between various test artefacts (requirements, testcases, testresults etc.) This administration often means a lot of work and high cost, leading to less testing being done, which leads to lower quality and unsatisfied customer. That's why you need a tool like TestCenter.

TestCenter will boost your productivity. It brings simplicity in administrating complex relationships between test artefacts. It will enable you to focus more on actual testing activities resulting in more testing being done and project will gain better quality. In the end, this means lower costs and more satisfied customer.


TestCenter is designed with five primary goals:

efficiently manage core test artefacts (requirements, testcases, testruns, test results etc.)

provide full traceability between test artefacts

be intuitive and very easy to learn and use

be secure and non-limiting in capacity and performance

be open and flexible in integration and co-existing with other

project tools

The sum of these goals means your daily work of planning and performing test management activities will be easy, efficient and consistent.

By drastically simplifying the administration of information and relationships between all test artifacts it enables you to focus more on the actual testing.