TestCenter is an online application that brings both quality and cost savings to your test management project.

TestCenter supports you in documenting, analysing and administrating test artefacts like requirements, test cases, test runs and how these are crosswise related to each other as well as to product releases and test resources. It also supports you in test execution and test result analysis and reporting. In short, TestCenter brings structure and productivity to your testing.

TestCenter can be used for any type of project where you want a structured method for verifying requirements with test cases.


Proper test management is critical for the verifying quality of any delivered product. Before you deliver to your customers you want to be certain that all requirements are met. Carefully planned and performed testing is the basis for achieving good quality.

However, the test process can be complex, managing all involved test artefacts (requirements, test cases, test runs, test results, etc.)(see here). Understanding how requirements are verified, using which test cases, when and to what result. Test cases are often repeated multiple times in different test runs. That is where TestCenter plays its role, in managing these relationships, accurately and efficiently

TestCenter will boost your team’s productivity as it brings simplicity to administrating complex relationships between test artefacts. It gives more focus on actual testing activities resulting in more testing being done and the project will gain better quality. In the end, this means lower costs and more satisfied customers.